LEX HOLDING put into life engineering decisions of any complexity in residence, public and production rooms. Choosing OLEX HOLDING you can be sure that professionals from our Installation department will perform all works on installation of all engineering systems on your facility with high quality and within set period. Installation is one of the important stages of works on the facility.

Qualified performance of installation works will influence the compliance of project technical characteristics of operation of the system and how comfortable will be the rooms in future. Only strict compliance of the order of all workflow processes and performance of them with quality can guarantee to the Customers high reliability of installed systems.

Every facility is unique, special and needs its own approach to the set task. Our specialists will perform all activities on installation and commissioning in accordance with requirements of normative documents and construction norms and regulations. OLEX HOLDING will perform delivery of all necessary for installation materials, equipment, constructions and components in accordance with project requirements, technical conditions and will provide technical documentation, certificates and other documents which confirm the quality of delivered products.

Equipment will serve you for many years because when doing installation works our specialists will use all their accumulated experience and knowledge in the area of building and installation works and will apply for it the most advanced modern technologies and high precision equipment and will take into consideration all requirements and wishes of the Customer on the site.

Turn to professionals!!!